Craddling your baby  with Restie, alleviate those sore muscles. 

Baby will love when you lay them down in the crib, they will still feel safe and secure. Learn more.


At MICAHE BABY USA, we provide quality and professional service and product. …it’s what we do. We offer you competitive rates and work with the best who share our passion for RESTIE BABY.. “Good enough” is just not an option for us.

We genuinely care about you and therefore go above and beyond to provide the best customer support.  

Our Product is revolutionizing how Mom's care for their babies! 
Restie Baby comes with One Bib and One Arm Cushion in each set. You can purchase two bibs with one arm cushion. Please contact sales for more information at
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Cuddle & Support 
For You and Your Baby!

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